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Tire Kingdom

Tire Kingdom was founded by Chuck Curcio in Florida in 1972, starting with a location in a farmer’s market in West Palm Beach, Florida. Business grew rapidly and the organization started opening stores throughout Florida and by the late 1980s had expanded through most major markets in the State, with 34 locations by 1984, and 67 locations by late 1988. In subsequent years the company expanded to Georgia, Louisiana, Vermont, Ohio, New Hampshire, and the Carolinas. Tire Kingdom was sold to the Michelin group in a deal that closed in early 1989. In 1993, an investment group headed by Goldman Sachs took control. TBC Corporation purchased the company in the middle of 2000 for a reported $45 million. TBC Corporation also owns the Big O Tires, National Tire & Battery, and Merchant Tire chains, each of which have separate branding and generally separate territories.


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