Robert Solis | About
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Meet Robert

From an early age, Robert’s love for creativity shined in almost everything he did. Beyond the marker drawings on the walls, the scribbled stories on his father’s encyclopedias, and the mud sculptures on the living room floor, his passion for art had no bounds. After winning a 3rd Grade art competition with an accurate rendering of a picturesque village in his native Nicaragua, his aspirations of becoming an artist grew big like the whiskers of a San Francisco mixologist.

Robert immigrated to the USA in the 80s and quickly became enthralled with American culture. Bombarded with a daily dose of sitcoms and TV commercials, he welcomed the respite from the real bomb blasts wreaking havoc in his native land. Little did he know that in the future, he’d be creating ads like those that brought him so much comfort and joy.

It wasn’t until he tinkered with a career-choice computer program during his first year in college that the prospect of becoming an adman occurred to Robert. It was a momentous epiphany. Advertising was the perfect amalgamation of art, creativity, culture, and business. Robert went on to graduate from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising. He then attended the renowned Portfolio Center/Miami Ad School in Atlanta, GA, where he met very talented, wickedly funny, and interesting people. His sarcastic wit, and questionable fashion sense are a reflection of the association with this lot.

After freelancing at several ad agencies in the Atlanta area, Robert did his first nationally recognized work as a staff Art Director at Fahlgren Benito in Tampa, FL. There he won 23 awards during his rookie year. He spent more than a decade working at several ad agencies and on a diverse span of accounts like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and many more. In the 2000s, Robert decided to trade in his black turtleneck sweater for a daredevil’s helmet and founded his own creative boutique. There he serviced a broad spectrum of local, regional, and national clients and sharpened in his ninja-level client management skills. The insights he gained from that experience enriched a toolbox that was already full to the brim. Throughout his career, Robert established himself as a multi-faceted Creative who could function as Art Director, Writer, or Janitor as needed. His work has showcased in leading industry publications, including Adweek, AdAge, and national media outlets like CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

Robert’s passion for all things creative continues to grow strong to this day. He enjoys developing innovative work that is user-centric and brand-focused. In addition to his professional skill set, Robert is also a fabulous chef, an avid sports fan, a devoted husband and likes to practice yoga when nobody’s looking.

Lastly, though Robert is most comfortable being humble and self-deprecating, on occasion, he’s been known to rave about himself in the 3rd person. Luckily, this only happens in the rare instances when he has to write one of those infernal professional bios.


Along with the essential technical skills and practical knowledge that Robert has acquired over the years, it’s worth mentioning that he’s picked up a toolbox of soft skills of equal importance. Those skills include problem-solving, adaptability and time management to name a few. He believes in treating all people with respect and likes to operate from a place of empathy and congeniality.

In addition, Robert will be acquiring Front End Web Development certification in early 2020, which will include training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.
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