Robert Solis | State Compensation Insurance Fund
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State Compensation Insurance Fund


Case Study:


State Compensation Fund (SCIF) is a government agency that provides workers’ compensation insurance to employers in specific states. The fund operates as a state-based alternative to private insurance companies, ensuring employers can access affordable and reliable coverage for their employees’ work-related injuries and illnesses. Its mission is also to support a safe and healthy workforce while providing cost-effective solutions for employers. SCIF wanted to convey its unique selling proposition to potential customers and develop a brand awareness campaign that would help differentiate them from its competitors and be memorable.


We developed a concept featuring guardian angels as the central theme to communicate the company’s dedication to protecting its customers. The TV spots were light-hearted and humorous, depicting guardian angels in comical situations while narrating their daily activities. These ads were broadcasted on regional TV networks and were well-received by the audience, making the campaign a success.

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