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Ooma, Inc.


Case Study:


Ooma, Inc., a leading VoIP company based in California, assigned us to develop a direct mail campaign to support their lead generation efforts. The challenge was creating a campaign with a solid direct response focus aligned with the Ooma brand aesthetic, generating high impact, and effectively conveying the key messaging to recipients.


We devised a creative and engaging concept for the campaign, developing composited imagery to create fantastical office scenarios paired with humorous headlines that conveyed the key messaging. The visuals and messaging sought to capture the recipients’ attention and absorb the content.


The campaign was a resounding success, exceeding expectations regarding new customer leads, website engagement and sales. In addition, the campaign’s impact was recognized in a short period, even earlier than projected. The combination of engaging imagery, humorous headlines, and key DR messaging effectively captured the target audience’s attention and generated a significant response, resulting in a memorable campaign that delivered tangible results for our client.

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Demand Generation, Direct Mail