Robert Solis | Ooma, Inc.
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Ooma, Inc.


Case Study:


Ooma is a California-based VoIP company offering individuals and businesses cloud-based communication and home security solutions. The company aims to provide customers with innovative, affordable communication services that enhance their lives and businesses.


Ooma wanted to create a show-stopping, memorable tradeshow booth and a social media concept to resonate with its target audience and highlight its VoIP phone system as a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone services. I developed a booth concept centered around the DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future to achieve Ooma’s goals. The iconic time-traveling car was used to convey that the only thing more remarkable than a time machine is a money machine, emphasizing how Ooma’s services can help customers save money on their phone bills and increase profit. The car was also used as a fun photo opportunity for social media. Visitors were invited to take pictures of the car and post them on their social media accounts, generating buzz and driving traffic to Ooma’s website. Overall, the campaign helped position Ooma as an innovative brand that offers cost-effective communication solutions.

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