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Ooma Office


Case Study:


Ooma, a leading telecommunications company, wanted to contact office managers and decision-makers at different companies to introduce them to its Ooma Office service. They needed a way to stand out, grab potential customers’ attention, and prevent them from tossing a traditional postcard in the bin. We developed an unconventional sales kit to capture their attention and create a lasting impression.


We designed a retro-style lunchbox as a vessel we could use to deliver marketing content to the target. On the exterior, the lunchbox had Ooma branding and messaging, including a funny headline. Inside the package was a personalized letter that addressed the recipient by name and explained the benefits of Ooma Office, a free-lunch gift card, a business card, and Ooma swag. The letter also included a call to action, encouraging the recipient to sign up for a free trial. The unconventional direct mail effort was highly successful, significantly increasing leads and sign-ups for Ooma Office.

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Unconventional Sales Kit