Robert Solis | Sparrow, Inc.
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Sparrow, Inc.


Case Study:


Sparrow is the first end-to-end leave management solution for employers designed to handle the most challenging components of employee leave. The company provides a range of services to businesses of all sizes. Sparrow wanted to create a unique event-marketing concept that would connect with its HR target and differentiate them from its competitors while reinforcing its message that employee leave management can be challenging. Still, with Sparrow, it can be a “treat.”


The goal was to create a booth that would attract visitors, educate attendees about the benefits of Sparrow’s services, and leave a lasting impression. I created the concept of transforming the tradeshow booth into a chocolate boutique with a display of delicious chocolates, a chocolate cart, and chocolate samples. The Sparrow, Inc team handed out chocolate samples while explaining employee leave management challenges. Attendees were invited to try the chocolate samples, take selfies for social media, learn more about Sparrow’s services, and absorb the key message that Employee Leave Management is easy with Sparrow. The chocolate boutique booth was a huge success. It generated buzz and attracted social media attention from attendees. And the concept helped Sparrow stand out from other booths at the tradeshow and accomplish its strategic goals.

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