– Overheard in a San Francisco bar at 1:30 am.


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Time flies when you’re doing what you love. Art & commerce make Robert extra happy.

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Robert’s vast experience gives him a robust foundation to tackle any brand challenge.

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Native-level fluency in Spanish means Robert can also craft work for Hispanic audiences.

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A technology enthusiast, Robert is current with the latest industry tools and practices.


Brand History:

To the unknowing, concepting might appear as a passive, quiet endeavor,

undertaken while reclining on a couch, hand on chin. In reality, it’s a ferocious

mental battle between art and strategy that must result in victory for both.

– Robert Solis | Conceptual CD/AD


Meet Robert:

Robert Solis is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising. He also attended the renowned Portfolio Center/Miami Ad School in Atlanta, GA, where he graduated with an advanced degree in Art Direction.

He enjoyed a successful career spanning over a decade, serving as an advertising agency executive in various cities, including Atlanta, GA, Tampa, FL, and San Francisco, CA. He wore the hats of both an art director and a copywriter, accumulating invaluable experience across a diverse range of regional and global brands. His account history includes renowned names like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IHop, Cadillac, Florida Tourism, McDonald’s, and numerous others. Over this period, he not only earned numerous accolades but also saw his work prominently featured in leading industry publications, such as Adweek, AdAge, Variety, and Creativity. Furthermore, his creative achievements made their way into the spotlight on major news outlets like CNN, PBS, WSJ, Reuters, AP, and CBS.

In the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks and the subsequent economic downturn, Robert, while continuing to work a freelancer at several ad agencies, also established Engine as a cost-effective solution for startups and budget-conscious businesses. Embracing a remote contractor-staffed agency model, he strategically tapped into a global talent pool—an approach initially considered unorthodox. Fast forward to the 2020 pandemic and years of skepticism, this model has now found broad acceptance across diverse industries, all while Robert continues to lead his business venture and work as an independent contractor at ad agencies when they need a robust and reliable helping hand.

Robert lives in West Marin County, CA, with his beautiful wife, Amy, and strong-willed little pup, Enzo. He’s a skilled illustrator, writer, musician, culinary craftsman, history lover, and intrepid amateur surfer.